Spring League 2016

We are excited to host another fun season of Hawks Spring League!

We want to remind everyone that spring league is designed as a non-competitive league, which allows everyone to develop their game skills in a fun and friendly environment.

As per new USA Hockey rules, we are unable to allow players under 18 to play in spring league.  We hope you’ll join us when you turn 18!

Any questions, please email hawkswomen at gmail dot com


Registration – We could use a few substitute goalies still!

Payment PayPal, check, or cash (in an envelope,with your name and the amount) are accepted.

Schedule and Rosters

If you’re missing a game and need someone to sub for you,let us know and we’ll assign a sub for you.

If you are available to be a substitute player, enter here.  If you are needed, we will contact you.

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